Personnel Management

People are the lifeblood of any organization. Hiring the right people, training them to do their job effectively, and evaluating their performance are essential to the success of any organization.  Effective screening interviews for new employees is a necessity. Knowing what to ask and what not to ask is critical to the selection process. Developing a clear job description and specific employee expectations is very important in a time of fluid employee backgrounds and expectations. Employee training, setting expectations, and evaluation are not easy tasks, but they can be learned and that learning applied to improve the organization in such a way that employees are happier and the organization more effective.

Sample Topics and Learnings:

  • Interviewing effectively, what to ask and not ask

  • Developing employee evaluation criteria

  • Developing an effective job analysis

  • Writing a good job description

  • Holding conversations with employees about expectations

  • The basics of effective training programs

  • Communicating with customers and the public