Effective interpersonal relationship and teamwork are the lifeblood of any organization.  Creating these relationships and a strong sense of teamwork involves three basic strategies:  a) developing an organizational culture that promotes productive interpersonal communication and gives employees the tools to create them; b) learning the types of relationship problems (conflict) and the manner in which each type is handled; c) learning the concepts for those difficult (crucial) conversations and how to use mediation to reach agreement.  Lack of ability to successfully build relationships and resolve conflict reduces organizational effectiveness and productivity. Successful interpersonal relationships will build business and profits.

Sample Topics and Learnings: 

  • Design strategies to effectively listen to, paraphrase, clarify and respond to all employees in an equitable manner 

  • Learn the types of conflict including content, style, interpersonal, and intrapersonal conflict

  • Understand different types of teams and their characteristics 

  • Implement communication skills that support effective team relationships including trust and roles

  • Develop conflict resolution procedures for your specific organization

  • Understand the role of relationships in organizations

  • Develop team member expectations, roles, and behaviors

Relationship Improvement