Our Process

We offer two types of workshops:  topic specific and organizational analysis.

Topic specific workshops are usually one shot workshops on one topic. For example, you might say “we would like a 3 hour workshop on listening skills,” or “we need a one day seminar on strategic planning,” or “three people in our organization want to work on their public speaking skills.” A more complete list of specific topics can be found on each of our four areas of emphasis.

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Relationship Improvement

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Effective Planning

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Meeting Management

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Personnel Management

Organizational analysis is designed for a longer-term relationship. The situation might be where you have an issue, but might not know what you need, what the problem might be, or what be useful for improvement.  When this is the case, we analyze the needs and goals of your organization, work with you to provide proven ideas, and at the same time providing you with strategies to continue to independently improve in the future.


Our relationship with your organization will likely go through a number of steps.   We want to work with you long enough so that real change and improvement can occur.  To do that, our first conversation with you would be getting to know some of the background to your organization, get initial ideas on what you would like to work on or improve, a gather information about the time and energy you would be able to put into this effort.

We will then design a workshop or series of workshops tailored to your organization’s specific needs.  During our time with you and your organization, we emphasize interaction involving everyone, guided discussions, skill practice, group connection activities, action plans, and follow-up to determine effectiveness.

Our goal is to develop a relationship with your organization so that we can work with you over a period of time to make adjustments, provide feedback, and develop further training as needed.  We can be here for you in the long run.