Meeting Management


We have all had to sit through bad meetings.  When humans gather in groups they tend to socialize and go off track. In meetings, this tendency encourages off-task behavior, damages agendas, and reduces group and organization effectiveness. Effective group communication is not a set of skills that most people learned.  However, all of us can learn to be a more effective meeting leader and participant.  It is possible to have better meetings through training in group facilitation. Training meeting leaders in facilitation can keep meetings on task and on time.  We offer meeting management skills, problem solving techniques, encouraging and managing participation, and handling group conflict.  

Sample Topics and Learnings: 

  • Determine purpose and desired outcome of a meeting. 

  • Create an effective agenda that lists meeting goals, priorities, results, and timing 

  • List and practice strategies for developing organizational ground rules for effective meetings, keeping participants on task, decision-making procedures, and conflict management

  • List and practice group roles that individual members might perform during the meeting

  • Learn and utilize the characteristics of effectively functioning groups